Why outsourcing design makes sense for your business...

Kitchen companies

By outsourcing the design stage of the sales process, your team can focus on dealing efficiently with sales leads. This benefits both business owner and sales people as targets will be met quicker and potential commissions higher. Your team can meet clients on site, establish rapport and assist with measuring the rooms and completing the design brief form. This information, together with photos of the site, will then besubmitted to us and we will draw up the design using our cutting edge software. 

Never underestimate the power of a visual presentation. This persuasive selling tool will assist any sales person in maximising their conversion rates. 

Cabinet makers

If your business is on a smaller scale and you are the main point of customer contact and dealing with sales enquiries, our competitively priced design presentation packages will be a game changer. You can outsource the design process to us, freeing your valuable time to deal with setting out, ordering components and dealing with the manufacturing process.

More importantly, you will be able to offer a more comprehensive service, similar to larger kitchen companies, without the overheads cost 

One man kitchen business

Competing in the industry is becoming harder and many owners are downsizing. There are outsourcing manufacturing opportunities available with simple internet ordering systems that make a single operator independent and profitable without the need for expensive staff, machinery and even a business premises. 

Consider us a part of your virtual support team; delivering stunning designs and pushing sales with a quick turnaround and minimal hassle. 

What we offer

Depending on budget, the design will be submitted as 3 x design rendered views  or an additional  Virtual Reality Presentation or all the above with an additional link to a 3 d animation which will enable the client to experience the design as if they are actually there . All designs come with a Plan and elevation and also with 2 revisions included in the price allowing clients to fine tune their design and enable you to work out a final design. 


Keith, I will always recommend you to anyone I meet, as I feel they could experience no greater efficiency or enjoyment from the final product. In this day and age it has been uplifting to work alongside someone who still puts the customer and high standard first.
— Richard, Perth