Cabmaster Users

if you are using Cabmaster software, consider outsourcing your drafting work to AOK Design for those peak times or when your staff are on leave or sick. Getting behind in drafting work means getting behind on production which means grumpy customers.

Outsourcing is easy , using Team Viewer, AOK Design will access your computer and draw up your outstanding projects on your system , no software version, or library incompatibilities.

2017-06-30 15.23.07.jpg

This is a typical Cabmaster rendering using the photo render feature. Impress your clients by getting AOK Design to draw up your projects and leave you time to run your business. .

For other images of modern kitchens :


Cabmaster has a great ‘ Farmers Doors’ library featuring chimney breasts, mouldings, turnings, Corbells, dishracks and more.

Hampton, provincial and country style kitchens take a lot longer to draw up because of the detail involved. If you dont have time or your drafty is on holidays, get AOK Design in to help out and ease the load.

For more images of Farmers kitchens


Modern kitchens are easier to draw up and Cabmaster has a large cabinet and material library to choose from . Maintaining those libraries and keeping up with all the new materials is a big job, AOK Design can make sure your libraries are up to date at all times.