Before you spend a single cent on materials, make sure that you have the design right. 

The AOK team brings your designs to life through stunning 3D digital drawings and the power of virtual reality allowing you or your clients to make informed decisions for your renovation or building project right from the start.

Our range of competitively priced packages can add value to your services, help sell your project or keep everyone working in synergy with a clear and detailed visual presentation of your plans.

From initial contact to focused email customer service and the delivery of your digital plans, everything will be done online with minimal hassle. We know you have enough on your hands already! 

Make sure you get it right first time, every time...



I'd like to know more! I'm a...

Cabinet Maker

Outsource the design process to us and your team are free to concentrate on selling and manufacturing.

Small Builder

A persuasive sales tool that will really wow your clients and give you that big company look.

Interior Designer

Easily share your vision with clients and make the process so much smoother.

Owner Builders


Immerse yourself in the excitement of your new project and keep everyone focused on the end result.


Get the design right before you go shopping and make the most of your budget.


“Thank you so much Keith for all your help! I know we would've wasted thousands on our kitchen reno if we hadn't been able to "see" it and make those changes at the first stage. Who knew that the blue would make such a difference!”
- Catherine, Cottesloe