Visual Technology that changes the way you see your kitchen

Virtual Reality allows you to experience a conceptual world, to bring a design to life, literally in front of your eyes. This extremely powerful tool delivers a panoramic view of the space complete with fixtures, finishings and accessories. We also offer clients the chance to further interact with their new space with our stunning Walk-through option that actually moves around the design rather than panning from one particular spot.

You can also experience your design through a VR headset (which we can supply if you require), which will open the door to your new space and allow you to walk around. Imagine if you could make a note to change something in the scene to improve the experience: add a window to create more light or change a worktop that brings the whole concept together. Click on the images below to see our designs come to life.

Virtual Reality Presentations


Click on the images below to experience recent Walk-through presentations.

An owner builder has asked us to design the whole house , we started with the kitchen ----