A powerful and persuasive marketing tool

Asking someone to invest in their new home with only basic plans and a few swatches is a really tough sell. Our high quality, photo realistic images and online tours put buyers right inside the new floorplan and allow them to experience every feature with startling 3D imagery. We can also produce multi-room drawings where a client can don VR goggles and walk through the kitchen, into the bathroom, then into the laundry and even into bedrooms if required. Gone are the days where a client is expected to sign up for a $400,000 house or $ 100,000 extensions with only technical plans to go by to understand exactly what they are going to get. Our exciting visual presentations allow them to walk through each room, imagine their dream coming true and, ultimately, sign up to the project.

What we offer

Depending on budget, the design will be submitted as 3 x design rendered views  or an additional  Virtual Reality Presentation or all the above with an additional link to a 3 d animation which will enable the client to experience the design as if they are actually there . All designs come with a Plan and elevation and also with 2 revisions included in the price allowing clients to fine tune their design and enable you to work out a final design. 

Just a few words to thank you both for a beautifully designed and functional kitchen. Thank you for being so patient and understanding and getting the work done to our satisfaction.
— Rick & Marie