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In this demonstration page we will show you the three main features AOK Design have developed to help your clients visualize their renovation / build before commencement of the project . Everyone wants a happy customer but if you’re just using technical plans and elevations to communicate to your clients, there’s always a chance of your client misunderstanding the proposal and how the finished build will look.

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This may or may not be the builder's fault but 10 to 1 your client won’t see it that way and this can lead to expensive alterations. By using one of the options below you will not only be able to portray exactly what your job will look like before commencement, you are eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding the proposal and  providing a superior service for your clients and giving your business a point of difference so many consumers are looking for in a competitive industry.

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This is the cheapest option in the range of products available from  the AOK Design range.

3D renderings can be presented within 3 - 4 days of order. Simply send us a hand sketch with dimensions, a couple of photos of the existing room , if there is one . If its a new build just send us the drafty's drawings . On our ' process ' page we have a design brief pdf  you can download and fill in which will give us all the info we need to do a comprehensive set of cool looking renderings which will really impress your clients.

Place your order on our packages page and work on your project will commence straight away . Its that simple 

Click the button below and see how accurate the d 3 views are against the photos of the finished product . From here we offer your client 2 free reviews for the design . this may be say for example seeing how the design looks with an under bench oven instead of a wall oven , move the position of the pantry , see what the design looks in a different door or benchtop colour . You are able to fine tune the design for no additional cost and allowing your customer to be in control with out the builder's input . All the major brands like Formica, Laminex and Polytec for door fronts and Caeserstone , smartstone and Silestone are included in the library so presenting your client with a series of photographs of their finished product is no problem .

Glass Splashbacks can be rendered in any colour from the Dulux range and any  tiling selection is possible. 

Also dont forget to download our free ebook packed with renovation ideas and useful links here



How about being able to place your client in the room you have designed for them before commencement of the project ? Well with VR you can 

 VR uses new technology which enables the viewer to experience the sensation of actually standing in the room using a VR head set.

VR presentations are generated from the same data already compiled from the 3d renderings and for an extra $110.00 you can really  make your business stand out from the crowd and no further information is required from the builder.

VR s can be viewed on a PC or smartphone. On a PC, once the image is downloaded from the link we send you you will find yourself standing in one position in the room and you are able to pan, zoom , look up and down using the left hand mouse button and  zoom with the mouse wheel . On a smartphone , tap the link to download the image , tap the 'VR' icon which splits the screen and insert the smartphone into the VR headset and immerse your client into a realistic representation of the room you have designed for them .  

VRs are great for showing clients how their kitchen fits in with the adjoining family of dining rooms complete with furniture layouts.

Experiment in a VR presentation what a bold feature wall colour will look like , how that polished timber floor looks like with the rest of the colour scheme.

Simply place your order on the website  here for your VR presentation . Haven't got a VR headset ? go here to place an order from one on our website 


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3D animation takes you to the next level of spectacular visual presentation and differs fro a VR presentation in that the viewer is 'walking through' the room or series of rooms  

This is great for a new build or extension where the client can walk through the front door , through the entrance area, down a corridor into the family room . past the dining room, walk through the kitchen around the island and back down the passage to the bathroom or bedroom.

As in the VR presentation , furniture layouts can be displayed , colour schemes displayed and experimented with . In a bathroom any tiling selection can be downloaded from the net to our library and shown accurately in the presentation.  

3 D animation takes a while to generate and so costs an extra $110.00 from the VR package but again the same data is used from the 3 d renderings  

Place your order without any addition input here for a 3 d presentation and note that pricing shown is per room